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Talk of the Town Coupons deliver results!
Don't take our word for it, read our client reviews below.

My experience with Talk of the Town CouponsĀ® has been positive all around. The people are easy to deal with. The artwork is professional. The mailings are reliable. The billing is accurate. Most importantly, these mailings are effective. I can always tell when the mailing goes out. We will get 4 or 5 redemptions per day for the week or two following the mailing. We consistently redeem 2 or more coupons per day throughout the year. For us, that translates to $120/day, $720/week, and $37,440/year. I am certain that all households receiving the coupon do not necessarily remember to bring it in. So, the financial impact of the mailing is much greater than what I can measure. I have tried other mailing campaigns but will never stop what I do with Talk of the Town because it is something I can count on for sure.

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