Clemmons Comprehensive Dental Care

We have a lot of very nice people who come through our doors to talk about advertising. It’s the results that make difference. We have continued to use Talk of the Town Coupons®

Gwyn Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling

Gwyn Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling began using Talk of the Town Coupons® in an effort to boost our residential maintenance contracts and new customer service calls. We opted to include a tracking number to analyze our success with our coupon campaign, and found the first run a success. Since then, we have continued our seasonal run, each for Spring and Fall to highlight our Tune-Up Special and provide a discount on service. We are very pleased with the additional services provided by Talk of the Town with billing inserts custom-printed for our in-office use, too! This is a great way to get your business’ name out there, and also get a return on your investment!

Carolina Garage Door

Talk of the Town has by far been the BEST direct mail advertising that we have ever done. Their coupons are ones that people truly use. Our return on investment exceeded our expectations. They are way better than any of the others we have tried in the past. Simply said Mark and his crew are the best.

Smoothie King

Mrs. Angie and her team as the only true “Talk of the Town.” Best return on any program we have used to date, “Look at her go, look at her go.” Thanks gang, you add to our everyday.

Destination Arts

Talk of the Town Coupons has definitely brought more students through my doors for summer camps and fall classes!

All Star ChemDry

We began advertising with Talk of The Town in 2010 and even in a weakening economy the coupons have kept us ahead of last year. The increase of new customers has been great and retaining older customers has kept All Star ChemDry on top. I will stress the advice that was given to me by your representative, Susan Hardee, “You shouldn’t mail just one time expecting big results. You must commit to the program to see profitable results.” I did and she was right. The results have been very strong. I cannot thank you enough.

Summerfield Dentistry

The Talk of the Town folks are the best. They are by far the best bang for your buck in advertising and have truly helped us grow our business over the last few years. Highly recommended!

Molly Maid of Northern Guilford County

Talk of the Town is one of my most effective marketing partners. My customers who find me through Talk of the Town’s mailings tend to buy more service; as much as 10% more as customers from other channels. They also tend to pay a higher average price per service than customers who find me through the internet or yellow pages, which tells me Talk of the Town is reaching my target market. People who receive Talk of the Town’s mailings open them and read them, because they know there are quality offerings in the envelope. No matter what angle I look from, cost per customer acquisition, quality of customer, revenue earned or quality of service, Talk of the Town is a solid performer and great business partner.

L M Wilson

As a small business we have to study and monitor our return on investment ROI carefully. Our participation with Talk of the Town mailings are our highest ROI! Today more than ever people are looking for ways to save and a coupon coming right to their home is very good.

US Home Exteriors

Cost effective marketing program! I would be happy to give a verbal reference.

Pita Delite

We began using Talk of the Town Coupons® in 2000 with great success. All four of our locations get excellent returns from these coupons. Even with our tight advertising budget, we try to use Talk of the Town because the results are very good and the prices are better than most advertising companies. I would recommend Talk of the Town Coupons® to others you will notice an increase in your income right away.

GMGSO Inc dba Grease Monkey 133

My experience with Talk of the Town Coupons® has been positive all around. The people are easy to deal with. The artwork is professional. The mailings are reliable. The billing is accurate. Most importantly, these mailings are effective. I can always tell when the mailing goes out. We will get 4 or 5 redemptions per day for the week or two following the mailing. We consistently redeem 2 or more coupons per day throughout the year. For us, that translates to $120/day, $720/week, and $37,440/year. I am certain that all households receiving the coupon do not necessarily remember to bring it in. So, the financial impact of the mailing is much greater than what I can measure. I have tried other mailing campaigns but will never stop what I do with Talk of the Town because it is something I can count on for sure.

Omega Sports Inc

I have utilized Talk of the Town Coupons® for Omega Sports in the Triad since 1987. Their creative ideas and design have always been excellent and their execution of delivery dates has always been on time. We now use Talk of the Town for special mailings in other parts of North Carolina for other Omega Sports locations. They are a vital part of our growth strategy. I would recommend them without hesitation to other businesses looking to increase their exposure.

H & R Block

We started advertising with Talk of the Town Coupons® in February of 2012. This was the most beneficial marketing we have done in a long time. It was a cost effective way to reach our target market. We saw a 5-6% increase in traffic for the 2012 tax season with our coupon redemptions. We will definitely be mailing with Talk of the Town Coupons® again next tax season!


We have been so excited about the results we get from advertising with Talk of the Town Coupons®. I can be sure that when my ad arrives in homes, the phone will start ringing and people will be coming through the door. Talk of the Town Coupons® has made marketing easy. They are dependable and the product works. I know that I’ll always get friendly service and that they will design the ad that I want. Advertising with Talk of the Town is a great choice for us Thanks again for all of your help. You guys are great!

Village Vet

I have found Angie Fowler and her business Talk of the Town Coupons® to be very helpful to me and my practice. With her help I was able to increase my total sales at least by 50% over a period of 3 years. The periodic mailings Angie did for us attracted all of the new clients moving into the area. We still average a number of new clients daily and by giving all coupon holders a free first exam, we not only established a good client relationship but were able to keep the client coming back.

Brixx Pizza

Talk of the Town Coupons™ has been a nice addition to our advertising campaigns. There is no doubt that this is a well received advertising piece. We mail 25,000 homes in Alamance County and there have been some days where we’ve had close to 100 coupons redeemed. People are opening those envelopes. Tracking my ROI is easy. Thanks guys for all you do.

State Farm, Bandy Agency

Our Talk of the Town Coupons® representative came by this morning to deliver a sample of our very first mailing that went out today. I am excited to share that only a few hours later a gentleman came in carrying our State Farm, Bandy Agency flier. He lives around the corner from our agency. We had no business with him. He was inquiring about CD rates around town. He met with one of our State Farm Bank and Financial Services representatives and an hour later he was back with a $59,000 check to start his new State Farm CD Bank. This sale helps with the cost of our first mailing, but I am most excited about the opportunity we’ll have to help this gentleman with other needs that State Farm can remedy. I’m pleased that Talk of the Town has begun to deliver the value I purchased with the program.

BioLife Plasma Services

BioLife Plasma Services has been working with Talk of the Town Coupons®since 2012 and continue to be extremely pleased with the return rate on coupons. I love the fact that we are able to target zip codes to ensure we are reaching community members that are in our donation area. Not only is it available as direct mailer but the coupons can be accessed on their website as well. I would recommend any businesses in the area looking for more visibility to use this direct mailer! Thanks again for all of your help. You guys are great!

NY Butcher Greensboro, NC

Our first mailing went out in July of 2013 to 20,000 homes. I recorded the amount of each sale on the back of each coupon redeemed. My sales were right at $3000. There were many new customers from the mailing too. That’s an impressive start to this campaign.