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I once watched two children play on a court. One soul humble and one boastful. The boastful stated, “Look at me go, look at me go” as he forwarded more attention onto those viewing than he did the sport he was playing. The humble soul saw nothing but the love of game, fascination that he expressed as passion and demonstrated in steady success but never stated a word. The only thing I remember is a mom, not his, stating, “Look at him go, look at him go.” The humble soul became the Talk of the Town. I share this simple story to represent what I was told by national brands, who spoke loud and proud and received our account at first, but the real influence was only delivered by the humble passions of Mrs. Angie and her team as the only true “Talk of the Town.” Best return on any program we have used to date, “Look at her go, look at her go.” Thanks gang, you add to our everyday.