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How does it Work?

Coupons and Companies are found through geo-location searches. When a Non-Member Customer finds your coupon/offer, on a mobile device, they’re asked to redeem the offer. A mobile coupon can not be redeemed unless they sign-up/register as a member. Once they register the coupon is saved to their “MY COUPONS” folder. The “REDEEM” button is replaced with a QR Code which is used to validate the coupon. The validation process is simple:

  • Customer shows the offer QR Code at checkout
  • Staff member scans the QR Code with any smart device which has Internet access
  • A validation screen appears on the staff member’s device
  • Staff member is prompted to enter the “Redeem Code”
  • Once the Redeem Code is entered, the redemption is recorded in your profile analytics

Features / Benefits

  • Every coupon has its own, short URL
  • Share the URL any way you want. With email, a QR code or social media
  • Build and grow a loyal customer database
  • Watch the popularity of your coupons with our built-in analytics

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